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01:08am 07/05/2009
on top of the world
self actualization
icebergs support math
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and it rained all night   
07:37pm 06/05/2009
  math to heroine
a societal body's
trickle down of worth
what have you overlooked today?   
03:41pm 04/05/2009
  humans constantly
perform unexpectedly
impossible tasks
05:41am 31/03/2009
  it is not the first,
and it will not be the last
time we are all wrong.
07:30pm 03/03/2009
  only three things can
exist: understanding, joy,
and everything else.
the path traveled.   
03:54pm 16/01/2009
secret deeds in the
impenetrably dark night
called reality

never shall we know,
and hence, never shall we fear
our untold outcomes.

even presently.

there's only one way out, and a slim chance that it just brings you back to where you already were.   
02:45pm 22/12/2008
an existence of
hypocrisy based solely
on uncertainty.

04:58pm 17/11/2008
  the line is so fine
it may not even exist
except in your mind